A Volunteer-led Coalition for Animal Rights Legislation, Business and Culture

Animal Rights in Berkeley

Berkeley has historically been a hub for social movements and one of the most progressive cities in US history. The Berkeley Coalition for Animals is working to make Berkeley a world pioneer for animal rights.

UC Berkeley Vietnam War Protest

Legislative Proposals

The Coalition works with the Berkeley City Council and other local and national groups to pass important resolutions and legislation in Berkeley. Our sole goal is to promote animal rights and the protection of animals from the viewpoint of animals.

Our partners have included various local and national animal advocacy, social justice, and environmental groups.

California State Capitol

Vegan and Animal-Friendly Businesses

The Coalition works to organize animal-friendly and vegan businesses in Berkeley. Additionally, the Coalition helps assist vegans and animal rights activists looking to make Berkeley their home.

cutest pig ever


To contact us, please email Amy Halpern-Laff.